Father’s Day

Seriously, I’m torn. It seems like complete over kill to write a blog two days in a row – especially since my first blog was yesterday. However, today is Father’s day and it seem shameful of me not to post something for or about my husband – since now I am an official blogger. Yes, spending two hours setting up and writing my first post makes me official. (Insert sarcasm here.) Obviously, because you are reading this, I decided on writing the post.

I must say, I’m a very lucky girl and I snagged an incredible man. I wish I could say that I knew how great he was when I married him, but that just is not true. We got married when I was 18 and he was 19 after only knowing each other for 8 months. YIKES!! Of course, back then, I thought I knew exactly what I was getting into. Oh to be young, naive, and in love! The truth is, he is amazing. He is smart, funny, diligent, handsome, faithful, and a great father. He loves his kids and it shows. In a typical day he: hugs, tickles, plays games, laughs, reads books and kisses the kids goodnight.

I told you, I’m a lucky girl!

So what do you do for such a great dad? You make something of course!

Let’s start with breakfast. Here is the recipe for the absolute best cinnamon rolls EVER! 90 minute cinnamon rolls . I have made these at least 6 times and I have never been able to get them done in 90 minutes. I’m not that good at making bread either and it seems impossible to kneed in as much flour as the recipe calls for, but they still turn out great and are completely worth all your effort.
Father's Day Breakfast
Now for the crafts. Nothing says Father’s Day like handmade cards and gifts. So that’s what we did. I traced and cut each child’s handprint on card stock. Then cut and folded accordion style a strip of card stock to attach the hands together. I used stamps to put the words: “I love you” on the outside and “this much” on the inside. My kids thought this was a great card. Their favorite activity was the “gift”. I printed off a tree branch and let them paint on the leaves with their fingerprints. Nathan used dark green and Lilly used light green finger paint. I also used an ink pad to get a few good fingerprints. All in all I think they turned out great.
kids' Father's day craft
To finish off the day we will go fishing. There really is nothing life spending time outside with the ones you love.
I hope that all of you have a wonderful Father’s Day and take the time to make it special for a father or father figure in your life.

3 thoughts on “Father’s Day

    • Thanks Gretchen. I love to make the cinnamon rolls on special occasions and we seem to be able to find many occasions to celebrate:) Thanks for being my official first comment. I am almost a little ashamed how excited I was to have someone comment on my blog – almost. I have to admit it was quite a thrill.

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